July 3, 2022
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Why Black Friday is not worth it unless you set parental control on kid’s phone?

The digital mobile phone devices these days are so much demanded and the young generation, on the other hand, love to have mobile phones and tablets all the time in their hands all the time. Additionally, they are using the internet and social media all the time on their cell phone devices.

Furthermore, they perform plenty of activities all day long in terms of too much texting, long cell phone calls, and activities on instant messaging apps and websites. They are obsessed with sending and receiving text messages, chats conversations, share multimedia in terms of photos and videos.

Furthermore, they perform all of these activities of multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. Now the question arises whether the activities of teens and children are worth it or they are just a waste of time and leading teens towards online dangers.

Expert says mobile phone & social media is a pied piper for kids

You may have heard about the German Legend the Hamelin pied pipers who have taken the kids of the entire town to an unknown place. Today, parents are facing the tech-based piped piper that has made the young generation obsessed with mobile phones, internet, and social media platforms. They always love to use digital devices connected to the cyberspace and install phone monitoring app and create accounts. Instant messenger and social messaging apps are the biggest platforms for communication and online sharing.

On the other hand, kids and teens sharing things blindly without knowing the fact that once anything been shared it will remain there forever whether you remove it or not. Nowadays, teens are used to sharing photos, videos on the digital world and at the end of the day have encounters with the cyber bullies, stalkers and sexual predators. Additionally, teens and children are getting involved in sexting on cellphone and social media.
Furthermore, the trend of online hookups and the sharing of sexually suggestive photos and videos are common things. In response, online sharing teens have are facing slut-shaming and name-calling stuff.

Why teens become victim of cyber bullying?

The question has little contradiction that why teens got bullied on the web. However, to some extent teens are responsible for the bullying on social media apps, websites, and instant messenger and even on digital playgrounds. Inappropriately sharing of privacy and multimedia is the biggest factor that makes teens bully online. Teens used to of sharing information, photos, and videos on social media platforms in sexual suggestive possess.

On the other hand, online bullies are a mental frustrated community who love to do fight or humiliate someone online especially young teens that cannot defend themselves. So, teens who share their privacy in terms of information on their social accounts are more likely to have an encounter with the bullies. Furthermore, teens sometimes behave as attention seekers want to more famous and appreciated on social media.

So, young teens that used to of sharing blindly their photos, videos, in an inappropriate way such as semi-nude photos and videos got bullies. Additionally, teens also become victim of slut-shaming and name-calling activities. It means parents have to make sure the privacy of the teens and need to stop those sharing personal photos that get viral and at the end of the day become the reason for embracement. Moreover, teen’s cell phone addiction can lead young teens to further online dangers. Let’s discuss the stats we have accumulated from the authentic sources regarding bullying online and cell phone obsession.

According to Common Sense Media: Cyber Bullying

  • Online bullying affects almost 15.5% of the high school kids and teens
  • 20% of high school students used to of facing in-person bullying
  • Disable school going kids and LGBTQ or obese mostly experience bullying and cyber bullying
  • Almost 59% of the teens have experience bullying online
  • 26% of the teens used to of receiving unwanted sexual messages on social media
  • 32% of teens have seen false rumors on social media about themselves

Pew Research Center: Teens cell phone addiction

  • Almost 95% of teens have a cell phone device and an internet connection
  • 45% of teens love to remain online on digital phones for using social media
  • 43% of teens they use cellphone to prevent interaction with the people in real –life
  • 35% of young boys also don’t like social interaction with the people in real –life
  • 72% of the teens and kids say they feel pressure to respond messages, text and notifications

Black Friday is about to come why don’t you choose kid’s safety over goods?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and everyone is busy making their mind to get the best things, goods, and costumes at the maximum discounted price. I would say parents are thinking about the same and they are looking forward to getting their hands on things they want badly in a pre-Christmas season. Parents have to think about their kid's and teens' online safety because digital parenting is a far more superior job than just getting things and goods.

Therefore, they should get their hands on the cellphone monitoring app 50% to 90% discount offer on this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. So, get the maximum discount on kid’s digital safety and set parental control on kids' and teens' cell phone device connected to cyberspace. Simply install mobile phone surveillance app on the target device and remotely get to know what kids and teens are doing on the web and social media platforms. You can monitor call logs, monitor messages and block inappropriate browsing activities.


Now take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and get your hands on parental monitoring app to make sure kids and teens are safely doing on the web. Now you can sneak into kid’s phone to the fullest.

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