April 13, 2021
VPN For Android

Why VPN for Android is a Necessary Tool

Are you net savvy? If so, and you browse the internet on an Android smartphone on public Wi-Fi, then you are at risk. You might know about VPNs – Virtual Private Networks, but for one reason or another you don't use one. Being a mobile internet browser, you should be aware of the possibility of someone intercepting sensitive data that you transmit from your phone while browsing.

What is a VPN?

Put simply, a VPN is software that creates a virtual network of two or more servers over a public network. This allows you to browse the internet anonymously. It also allows you to bypass any firewalls which normally restrict the users on the public network. Most importantly, all of the information you transmit once connected to the VPN is encrypted, so any and all of the sensitive information you send or receive is no longer at risk of being intercepted and misused by others.

VPN For Android
Why Use VPN for Android?

Android users love fast download speeds and they don’t like messing with their settings when their download speed starts to slow down.

Here are a few reasons for using VPN for Android

  • Using a good VPN saves time and connects you with a single click
  • It helps you access foreign websites that may be blocked based on the location from which you are browsing
  • Unblocking websites and other online services which are not accessible in your college or your workplace is a breeze
  • If you are on a vacation in a country that blocks certain websites, you can easily access them by setting up this VPN for android software on your device
  • Saves money by compressing data traffic to give you up to 2 times the bandwidth you get with your existing data plan
  • You get all of the above PLUS an anonymous online identity so you can browse without fear of being traced by your ISP or hackers

How to Choose a Good VPN for android?

Hotspot shield VPN is the best available VPN for Android on the internet. Hotspot Shield enables Android users to browse the internet with maximum security and protects you from 3.5 million malware URL’s and other online threats. You get to enjoy anonymous web surfing on Android with the help of this advanced VPN. It's easy to install, and Hotspot Shield VPN is also available for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.

So if you are looking for a solution to browse the internet on your Android device freely and in a safe, secure way, then you need to download Hotspot Shield VPN for Android today!

Guest Post by Satinder Singh

Satinder Singh is an inbound marketing analyst at Click Labs, writing for Hotspot Shield, the leading free VPN service provider. He has shared over 50+ articles pertaining to internet security, online privacy and internet freedom on different technology blogs.

Vivek Singh Tomar is a digital marketing professional & founder of techywhack.com. You can follow him on Google+.


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