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Windows 8 Review : Windows 8 Operating System



Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 review:  Windows 8 is quite a drastic shift from the Windows have typically worked. It strives for touchscreen-oriented use on tablets, smartphones and traditional PCs. The new OS received its more of brickbats than bouquets immediately after its official launch. The radical changes brought about by Microsoft in its new product initially shocked and confused many of the users prompting them to write it off. However, as people settled down and used it for a while, they discovered its pros along with the cons.

Windows 8 Review

Windows 8 review

The first thing to amaze the users of Windows is the speed of the boot-up that happens within seconds. Next is the redesigned User Interface. The familiar start screen has been replaced with Live Tiles that make the new UI unlike the previous Windows versions. You can go to the start menu through the Charms Bar that appears when you swipe across the screen, making the experience more phonesque. The keyboard shortcuts have been retained and offer a semblance of familiarity. Revamped Task Manager, new feature of File History, and updated File Explorer are some of the features that Windows 8 Desktop offers over its preceding version. Though at first, the OS appears very alien and complicated, the users who have the patience, time and interest in mastering the new software are able to get used to it and understand it. Many have reported to find it less intimidating or uncomfortable than they had supposed. One thing everyone agrees on is that it is easier and more fun to use Windows 8 with a touch-enabled device.


The points on which Windows 8 scores include super fast booting; big security improvements; deep SkyDrive integration; great touch experience; and overall enhanced, fun and sleek usage with the correct hardware. Things working against it include disappearance of the Start menu; incompatibility with several older CPUs; frustration when using a mouse; requirement of touchcreen, touch mouse, clickpad, etc.; a modern UI that many find annoying; and a steep learning curve.


Whether you hate it or love it, you cannot deny that Windows 8 is the most sensational thing to have happened with Windows in a long time. Microsoft is looking at reaffirming its position as an IT giant. More and more hardware to be found in the stores in the coming times are likely to include the OS and so, you will gradually have to take it up. But those who are already using Windows 7 PC do not need to be in any hurry to move up to Windows 8.