July 3, 2022

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Thank you for your interest in writing for TechyWhack.com . In order to submit your article to Techywhack.com, write your article or you can directly send me in .doc format with relevant picture and author bio on email address admin { @ } Techywhack { Dot } com. Maximum I will allow 1 link in an author bio. Please note that links in article body are not allowed. Your article will be reviewed by me and you will receive an email on your email address about the status of your guest posting.

Thank you for your interest in writing for TechyWhack.com

Content Publishing Guidelines : –

  • Word limit should be 1000.
  • The content should talk about the latest technology, Blogging, Review,and Internet.
  • Please have an intro, a body and a conclusion. Subtitle your main point – then elaborate.
  • The content has to be very informative and unique. The tone of the article is to be very informative and rich or it should be useful to readers.
  • The post should be 100% unique and should be related to our blog niche.
  • Please make sure the post contains no grammatical errors,Do not use flowery language.
  • The write up should engage online users and provide more information on technology, Blogging, Review,and Internet as well.
  • The content should not at all be from promotional / advertising perspective (to be strictly followed)
  • Content should include the latest technology/ industry updates or trends.
  • We love “How to” & “Top 10” article, although to make it reader-friendly.
  • Promotional links aren’t allowed within content.
  • You will get author credit in author section. You can add yours blog/website and social profile URLs.
  • Submit images in a separate zipped file and properly named e.g. “file-sharing-tools-minus”. All images must be in the highest possible resolution & 700*400 to 900*400 sizes.

If content meet our requirement then i’ll publish it. You can use maximum one text link & one social link in author bio. 

How to Become a Author on TechyWhack.Com

To ensure that you benefit from this, you need to enter your Google+ link. You may also want to add me to your G+ circles and then complete the setup by linking your G+ profile with the blog. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Google+ profile.
  • Then go to Google+ profile page and Click “Edit profile.”
  • Click the “Contributor To” section on the right (depending on how many photos you have, you may need to scroll to see this section).
  • Then click “Add custom link”
  • Add  http://techywhack.com  and then click Save.
With that you’re done. Send me your profile link with the attached article you want to post on my site. Then your article will be published on Techywhack.com and blog will show your author information, giving you full credit whenever it appears on the search engines!
If you are looking for advertising or partnership with techywhack.com, please visit our Advertising Page.

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