Buying Portable Charger: Top 5 Points That You Need to Consider

Buying Portable Charger: Top 5 Points That You Need to Consider

Lately, for almost all the mobile phone owners, portable charger seems to have turn out to be an extremely essential and useful accessory. None could be blamed for this except the shorty battery lives which we always face literally in every modern smartphone or tablets.

Though power bank has appeared as the lifesaver for those who heavily depend on smartphones, yet, its choosing and picking a right one as per the requirement of one has been a tricky one as several important aspects are there regarding a portable power bank that are needed to be considered.

Hence, let us start with all those critical features along with specific detail about portable chargers.

1. Capacity of the battery pack

Capacity is the identifier of the portable power banks. It implies the amount of charge the battery, which is there within the portable power bank, can hold and deliver whenever it is required. Now, for a certain portable charger with capacity, as what the manufacturers claim, it will never be able to convert the whole of it while charging up another device. To put it simply, a certain battery pack, having, let’s say 10000 mAh of capacity will never be able to fully charge a smartphone of having battery 1000 mAh ten times.

There are lots of factors including loss while energy conversion, charge leakage, quality of the power cable, health of the smartphone batteries and so on which basically makes a power bank less efficient. In general, the average conversion efficiency goes about 75% for majority of the battery packs.

2. Branded battery packs

It is recommended usually to go with a well-known portable battery pack brand, as it happens to be powerbank in the end, and you are dealing thus with the batteries, so trusted names are best ones to rely on.

Furthermore, this specific advice comes in association to the existing on-line conditions, where numerous mysterious vendors got shown up out of practically nowhere and commenced offering powerbanks.

3. Number of O/P Ports

These days, battery packs happen to be bundled along with multiple o/p port trait virtually prevalently. This offers a crucial choice to power up several devises at the same time, which is a great feature indeed.

Though, it is observed that nearly all of the portable battery packs backed by lower capacity, have only a solo port option rather than multiple ports. Which again is much obvious as the small capacity portable chargers lack the ability to support from capacity perspective multiple devices at the same time.

4. Safety

Generally, there are actually portable chargers presently together with a number of safety solutions for example short-circuit protection, over-charge protections and so on. But having said this, it happens to be certainly a good practice to check out its availableness of those features in some power bank as a matter of cross checking. Though if you go for the major branded top portable power banks like Anker, Ramoss, Lenovo, Samsung or Xiaomi, then you can sip this step as most of them incorporates these crucial features within their battery packs.

5. Battery cells

Types of battery cells within portable chargers along with some comparative analysis will be a final aspect to consider here in this discussion. Battery packs are being constituted usually with Lithium-ion or Li Polymer, these variations of battery cells. Obviously each of the kinds has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Li-ion can be found to be less costly and bulkier as opposed to the li-poly, which is found being sleeker and also even more customizable. At the same time, Li-ion will be less safe to use compared to the Li Polymer. However, when it arrives to price tag, Lithium-ion is again found significantly less costly than Li Polymer.